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Worst experience I made was my first year... Bought something from a dealer which 2 years later got stolen, they no longer had any paperwork. It was obvious, all you had to do was look at the store and there was just stuff everywhere, not a hint of neatness.

Although I didn't go there often anyhow, I never went back after that.

I stuck to the guy I found shortly after. He's pretty cool, but it takes time (translation: years) before he treats you like you can walk in the door, pick up a new tool, sign for it (no cash or c-card, just sign a piece of paper), and walk out (not quite, but you get the idea). His wife recently complained how one of their best customers likes to walk in and help himself to parts lol (which are in the back of the store for employees only lol). The guy's not stealing, he signs for it all but she's a bit particular about employee-only areas... That's how good they treat you after some time, you're like family.

The first year or two he wasn't cold to me, but everything had to be paid for on the spot, he didn't rake me over the coals but he wasn't afraid to do so either. I respected him for this because I know myself, and I actually learned from his methods and have implemented some of his stuff for my own business.

Also if you didn't buy it from him, he won't service it. Actually, he will, but your machine has to wait until all the machines that were purchased through him have been serviced (so it could be months). At the same rate, once he trusts you and you've bought your few thousand worth of stuff from him, he treats you like gold (thou time has more to do with it than total money, I really think he treats me the same as the guy spends 10 times more, it's more about how long and how regular you are).

But as for paperwork, all serial numbers / receipts / etc of anything you ever transacted through my current dealer is on file, for life. So if my 5-year old machine gets stolen, he has the serial number guaranteed (a crucial piece of information for reporting purposes).

life is good

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