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wow, what a thread, i was going to write about this today!! i have my scag wb at the dealer as we speak, this is a dealer that i buy everthing from, i walk in and they seem to all knoiw me by name. they got a new service manager and italked to him about my mower not running good, he told me that it would be two weeks before he can even look at it, this coming from a dealer that always put me and every other lco in the front of the line!!! so i told the person that i alwasys talk to there, and i was told that he is full of it, and three other customers have complained that same day about him,i then said well, i will leave it, i have no choice i need it fixed, so i get a call yesterday from the service manager, he tells me that he cant get it running any better, and he has it running outside, hes looking at it from the window and it is smoking like crazy !!! wtf, it wasnt before, what happend?? he tells me that i need to rebuild the motor, i asked him why and if he did the rebuild would he cover it later on down the road ? he says , im not sure !!! i talk to the owner of the dealership who knows me, and he said that the dumb s.o.b, adjusted the choke wrong and it made it flood!!!!! im still waiting to hear when i can pick it up....
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