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My dealer is awesome here. I called them the other day about a problem that was going on with my TTHP not turning out enough RPM they said that they were about 3 weeks behind but since I was commercial they said to go ahead and bring it by and they would take a look at it then. I went yesterday and they came out to my trailer and worked on it. The mechanic said that this one bolt on the throttle assembly bracket felt like it was stripped or the bolt was breaking. He went to loosen it again and it broke off. They unloaded it and into the shop it went they fixed the broken bolt and set the throttle correctly all while I waited. I went in and bought some 2-stroke oil, oil filter,and a fuel filter. I was in and out in about 45 minutes. It is the same way every time I go there for something and if they can't fix it right away and you need it they will give you a loaner for any piece of equipment. I have had nothing but good dealings with them and they have me as a customer for life!

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