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you really should not bag grass

Originally Posted by brjohnso
Thanks for the advice. I hate seeing a yard with shavings in it after it's been mowed. I'm sure customers will feel the same. What used models should I look at that will do what I want it to do? That's my main goal... making the yard looking as close to bagged as possible. I would bag it with that Exmark given the 3 bag system, but thanks to your advice... I won't go all out on a mower until the business is thriving. I have a simple F-150 heritage as a truck and it's relatively new. My dad has a Deere 48" riding with 2 bag system. I love the way that cuts and only had to rebag a couple times on a 1 acre lot with zoysia. That would be great for the typical .25 and .5 acre lots. Of course, a deal must be worked on the wear and tear of the mower. Would that be the smartest move? Or buying used equipment? Also, since I will be starting small at first and testing the waters... would insurance and business license be necessary right now or until the business is thriving? Thanks in advance.
it takes too long, and robs the turf of nutrients...... unless really required in your area you do not bag....
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