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[Walker SD for the most ridiculous hills. It will do crazy hills at any angle meaning diagonally, up and down or side-hill. You should love it.[/QUOTE]

My 48" Ghs Walker with all terrians will not always get traction to climb hills! Theres not enough weight on the wheels of the Walker to drive straight up a very steep hill, you normally have to back up something steep. And for side hill handling anything really steep you actually have to work it, because the machine starts to wanting to switch ends and it takes a lot of little correction to fix that, although you will not get the straightest mowing lines for stripes. But i heard the machines with 52" decks and larger weigh more and that gives more weight to the drive tires so you can actually drive straight up hills unlike machines with lighter decks! Not sure if thats true or not but i know i have a lawn that is between 35 and 45 degrees and its a hand ful and climbing straight up it is a biatch!

But 93 Walker sounds like a very good buy you will be happy with it and Walker claims to have the machines last 5000 hours so even if you get 2500 out of it you will probally never see that high of hours because you only maintain your personal lawn. Good Luck
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