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Walker mower is good

You know, Walker mowers have become the 4 wheelers of the industry. You can blade, snow blow, mow, lot sweep, and leaf blow with them. Add on the tine rakes and thatch as well as hook up to the fert spreader and weed control tank for weeds. These little machines are agile, mobile, but can be hostile to the user. Now you can even get a chipper for it now. I never have a problem with wet heavy grass unless its 7 inches deep and raining and only if the side deck vents get plugged do i have trouble. Now, if you get the speed up kit for it and get a pulley size smaller you to can cut grass faster. Not as fast as a Dixie by any means but fast enough. Then again up here our grass is really thick and the Dixies dont perform as well. Now I am not knocking Dixies so dont start the bashing...... I am merely stating that some pieces of equipment perform better in some conditions than others. Its like thatching some places in the country you dont have to do it because the grass is finer. But,, up here its a necessity. I did 3 yards today and filled a 24 foot gooseneck trailer 5 feet high of thatch. thats after stomping it down 3 times. We have 7 walkers ranging from the old 20 hp, to 26EFI, plus a 25 hp water cooled. If i was going to stay away from one it would be the water cooled one because when you are on steep sidehils your radiator plus the weight of the grass drags you down plus, we find water in the oil on occasion.
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