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Originally Posted by muxx
We are currently doing some schools, which include baseball fields during the playing season. The best we can think of is the criss cross or checker board look. Is there anything else we can do to give people the WOW look? We have had the best field in the District for 4 years and running, but want something new and different. Thanks for any input.

There is a book by David Mellor that shows quite a bit of unique mowing patterns,he happens to be the head grounds keeper for the red sox and really puts some great designs in there out fields. Here is a link to the book on amazon .
I actually got the book from the library and read it,There is defiantly some great patterns in it but would be extremely time consuming in my opinion but they do look good. But the book is not to bad of a read at least for any body that enjoys lawn care and some different types of cutting patterns.

Hope this helps
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