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How's this for service, honoring warranty and parts delivery?

OK, back in October I ran into a trivial little issue with the Z-two. I called in and they said they would take care of it no-problem. It was into leaf season and I was supposed to e-mail some info to square it away. But I got busy and found an alternate way to make-do. In the end, I forgot to even follow through.

But I ended up being reminded of the situation this spring and FINALLY I remembered to call back about it sometime last minute on Friday 4/7/06.

When I called back to corporate support a PERSON answered the phone, not voicemail. I explained the situation and they said they would cover the parts under warranty, problem unseen, and my word was good enough. So there was no burden of proof that had to be satisfied on my part, which was really nice.

Anyways, the guy says he'll transfer paperwork to the girls and get the parts sent out to me. I said great, do I need to return the bad parts to you? To which he replied no.

The parts I needed would certainly be an extremely rare item to ever get ordered. So much so, I figured they would probably have to have them pulled from the MFG parts bin at the factory. Plus they are in Ohio and I am in North Carolina. So I was figuring it would be a WHILE before the needed parts arrived.

My call.... Last minute on Friday 4/7/06
Parts Arrival.... On my doorstep Tuesday 4/11/07

Here I was thinking the parts were probably not even in the box yet, and there I stood with them in-hand.

Now to me, that's service and support!

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