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Same question but for Alabama

The title of my post says it all. Same question as eddie06 but for the state of Alabama. I've found plenty of info. on the web for Utah, Michigan, Conneticut, etc. but nothing for Alabama. I called the local County extension service and they say all I need is a commercial landscape license for everything- one licenese covers pesticides, fertilizer, planting trimming, etc.? State Department of Agriculture informed me that they don't administer this license exam in the Mobile area till July. Come on! What do they want me to do for a living till then.

Also does anybody have a simple formula to figure out what to charge per project. For example for every hour of mowing, "x" amount should be charged or for other projects, material costs + "x"% Also any suggestions for adding extra income in the winter months.


Originally Posted by eddie06
hi everyone i want to start my own landscaping and yard service co. will anyone tell me what i need to be leagle with the state.i live in flordia. thanks
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