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Originally Posted by Remsen1
My answer: Yessir your right, his lawn is $40 and yours is $30. And a 2-litre of soday costs $.88 and a 3-litre costs $1.09.
No doubt and a stupid 20-ounce at the gas station is a buck-fifty lol!

Here again thou... Assume I get a 1/4 acre and a 1/2 acre lot like that: The 1/4 acre is 35 and the 1/2 acre is 45... Well gee that's not fair but then it's really not fair when an acre lot is 60 dollars but 10 acres is only around 300 !!!!

And yes, I agree with the other fellow who said the truth works best.

So I would just tell him the price / square footage goes down as the lot size increases, the total is still more but the larger the lot, the less dollars / area.

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