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pricing for broadleaf control in turf?

I'm new to the application side of the business. My main market is 40 miles away. I live in a rural area. There are many applicators in my main market, but I believe I'm the only licensed applicator where I live.

This is a great position to be in. I've focused all of my energy at the bigger market, but now I'm getting calls for spraying here at home. Being the only game in town as far as applications go, I think I can make some decent money.

I have my pricing down as far as mowing, etc.. goes. But for applications I'm not sure where I am. For example I've been charging $18-20 per 1000 sq/ft for applying Millenium Ultra. People haven't batted an eye at these prices.

Just want to see what you are getting in other parts of the country. A bit excited, apps are better than sex! Getting my license was the best move I've made. Think I need to start directing my business towards the app side. Seems like everybody has a mower, but not as many can legally apply chemicals.
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