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I know they stopped production of the super wb and that most dealers don't know anything about them. MOst dealer wouldn't know a good machine if it ran over them. NOthing even comes close to the H-bar for ease and control. They are priced like a Z because they are built like a s and to the same standards. There are plenty of Super WB out there yet get your dealers distributer to get you one. Yes they'er are as expensive as a Z but With the right sulky they will do anything a similar size Z will Do and Much More. I mowed a ditch slope this last weekend that I saw someone roll a JD lawn tractor down a couple years ago. I helped lift the tractor off of him. But the super WB goes right across it. Slopes under trees under around anything and on open ground with a sulky it will stay right with a Z. It's too BAd hustler wasn't able to show there dealers the advantages of the super and sell enough units to keep in production. I'll pay extra for the H-bar over anything else (even the t-bar) any day. If your are going to have ONE! main mower nothing can beat a super WBwith a sulky.

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