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Atrimic or other growth regulators ? for thos who use them.

I looked into growth regulators over 10-years ago and was told by the rep applications had to be very precise or I would end up with funky growth, such as overlap areas much shorter than the rest etc. Seemed more trouble than its worth at the time, now I'm reconsidering. I did a search and seems like others are using them with success just want a few more details. I have a client with lots of little leaf euyonmous and Japanese box woods. Looking for a way to reduce the labor. Here in the summer I would be hedging every 3-4 weeks to keep them tight. What about over-spray? like onto lyropes or anything else for that matter. Yes I will read the label for the legal eagles I just want some real world experience info. Thanks in advance for the avalanche of knowledge that is about to come my way.
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