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DIXIE CHOPPER owners - advise PLEASE? I am just a homeowner with a huge lawn and 2 small pastures to mow. I have hills and slopes that are too steep for a regular riding mower. I may only once in my life be able to spend $5000+ on a lawnmower and I want to do it right the first time. I am looking at the Dixie Run Behind, because I can get off the stander, and walk it along the side of the 300 foot long slope-next-to-a-fence that I have to mow. Will any present owners of the Dixie Chopper RUN-BEHIND that have any experience or any comments please say something? Is there any other commercial grade mower that converts from walk-behind to rider like the RUN BEHIND? As a plain walk-behind, and I have to mow a 300 foot long rather steep slope - what would you recommend? PLEASE ADVISE?? thank you - JAC
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