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Momentum advice/experience

Hey Guys-

Well, I took everyones advice on Clover control and bought a gallon of Momentum at my local Lesco. I am still deciding if I will use a hose end sprayer or pump...leaning towards pump. Regardless, I have a few questions that aren't clear or not on the label: (for reference, I am in SE MI with healthly bluegrass lawn with some clover)

- the label says 1.0 oz/gallon for spot treatment but the guy at Lesco said 1.5 oz and someone on here said 2.0 oz...I certainly default to the label but I know sometimes experience shows the labels to be conservative. Or these guys were quoting from the top of their heads.
- Best case, how long should be product be down before it rains?
- It has been cool here lately but it will heat up next week. Should I make an effort to get this down during a dry spell (if there will be one) before the heat comes?
- Since we are a bit later in the season, sound I expect a 2nd app within a certain length of time?

Thanks guys!
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