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I think they actually did make a cab/chassis model for the late 90's body style Dodge. They just have not made a cab/chassis for the 2003 and up Ram models until fall of 2006 when the Ram cab/chassis debuts.

I know a lot of people around town who have had better luck with Dodges than Fords or Chevys. To each their own. Personally, I think, aside from the tempermental auto trans, that the Rams from that era were great trucks. I have a gas model with 160K mi. that has never left me stranded. But Ford has also had its tranny problems during that era even though they are good trucks, also. GM in my opinion makes the best gas engines/auto trannys in the business. But the Cummins is the best for diesels.

For price, since its a 2WD, I'd say $10-12 thousand??

If you could get it for around that price, or less, I think you would be doing O.K. if you bought it.

I don't think you could go wrong with buying a Dodge.
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