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Thanks everybody,
It does dump, and it is a really good size, i'm really happy with it. I had about 200+lbs in it that day and the hustler pulled it no problem. I mostly use it to pick up branches that i prune or around the yard to haul stuff from one place to another. We had an old cart lying around that me and my brother bought about 2 years ago. It was one of those standard 10 cu carts you get for 99 bucks. What i did was, i cut off the sides and kept only the base. I made a frame out of angle iron and welded in sheets of 14 gauge steel. After that, i reinforced the axle and then painted it. If it wasn't for the weather, i would've been able to finish everything in a week but it took me about a 2 1/2 weeks to fully complete it.

One more thing to mention, the paint i used was from my dealer; it was the Excel industries "Yellow". I put the decal on the side of the cart as well, that's the standard logo which is by your heel if you were sitting on the mower. The inner walls of the cart are painted black because i knew it was going to get all dinged up and i didn't want to ruin the nice yellow paint.

Alright, have a great day, and if you have any questions let me know.
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