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Originally Posted by lawnspecialties
Good grief.

1:Naturescape. Take that whining back to the Sierra Club meeting. I've never seen any "exploited" employees walking around with guns to their heads being forced to work there.

2:What's the problem with a potential customer telling you what they want and what they'll pay. If it ain't fair, just move on! Once again, you're not being forced to work there.

People, just answer the man's question if you can. Keep your liberal soapbox to the "off-topic" forums.

As for me Tod, I've never done any work for them. I try to stay away from jobs with tons of cars and people around. If there is one thing I have noticed about them; people shopping at Wal-mart sure do like to throw a lot of trash on the ground. Good luck though.
It's not just people shopping at Wal-Mart, although the bigger one I do, we would pick up 3-4-5 30 gallon garbage bags of garbage each week off of the property.

I do 2 strip malls as well, where they're paying me to go to the malls 3 times / week just to pick up the garbage that's there. It's only an hour or so / day, but it's garbage none-the-less.
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