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Originally Posted by A Leaf Above
Just want to share a story about how my morning went .

I went to the lot where i store my equipment to find a f250 hooked up to my trailer and no one in sight. Son of Biatches stole a truck from a construction company, Took a fence down , Moved a 6 ton trailer that is used for a bobcat , Beat the tongue lock off the trailer and and broke the tongue ..

Luckily for me the bastards got spooked and halled a** like the little chicken chits they are ...


Just wanted to vent a little bit and let everyone know how my day started off this morning .....

Steal my tv, steal my atv, but don't steal my tools.

the first ones are for entertainment and I can live without them.

The last one is how I make my living. Stealing someones tools for their livelihood deserves old fashion frontier justice.
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