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Originally Posted by lawncuttinfoo
According to Cornell University researchers, green grass
loose has a typical density of 300-400 lbs./cu. yd., and
green grass compacted is 500-800 lbs./cu.yd.

my link has the links
We bag grass on a daily basis, put it in a bin on the trailer to bring home. I fork it over to a second trailer, used only for hauling debris. Once per week, I take it to the dump for unloading. Therefore, I handle fresh clippings and also handle clippings that have sat in a trailer for a few days (ohhhh... how stinky!).

I think the numbers given here are very good estimates. I know how much I have to fork over from my bin, and have a good feel for the weight. And, when I have three cu yds in my debris trailer, going to the dump, I know about how much weight I have on the trailer (having hauled other bulk material that has been weighed).
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