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Thanks Kenny. Always good to hear from you

I plan to hand him the bill, which is now $120.50 (One light cleanup at $60, two mowings at $33, and discounting $5.50 for the last mowing) the cleanup was just blowing a few leaves out of a couple beds and bagging the whole yard. He even said it sounded like a fair price to him though it only took 1/2 hr for me to do, he came out and talked the other 10 minutes I had alloted for the job...

So I'm going to hand him the revised bill, request payment immediately (which as I know him he won't have a problem with, too cheap to pay for a stamp and envelope if i'm already there LOL) then once I have my money I will hand him a folded peice of paper with this printed on it:

"Sir, I'm sorry but my service for your lawn care needs is no longer available. When you called me back to ask for a lower price, it let me know the type of customer you would be in the future and in an effort to reduce the amount of stress and frustration in my business, I am no longer offering my services to you. I wish you luck in finding a lawn care company that will give you quality service at the prices you are trying to get."

As I walk to my truck, he will be getting the full effect of that just as I hop in and drive off... perfect timing!

Thanks BWilder10h !!!

Will update you all later today.
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