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Originally Posted by Ground Master
Poly pipe has gone thru the roof. Paid .18 foot a month ago, now 2 different distributors sell it for .23 to .25 a foot!

So, I stop in home depot and there 100' roll is 12.07........I was tempted, but probably lower quality

Rainbird valve boxes were 16 or 17 last year, now 30.97

How does your butt feel? .18 is still more then here now. We are getting it here way cheaper! But I do know a guy that bought some from Menards and it split. You cut out the split and put in a coupler and it would split when you put in the coupler. What kind and brand are you using? 80psi utility HDPE (.14/ft) 100psi utility HDPE(.165/ft) And 80psi HDPE life time (geeen stripe) 80psi (.165/ft)

As for boxes (12L x 17W x 8H) we use orbit for residential and pay about 12 bucks for them.
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