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Right now I side discharge. Here in Cincinnati, the grass grows so thick and tall that mulching isn't an option. I haven't seen a mulching mower yet that can leave a clean cut when the grass is tall,thick, and green. If it's wet you can forget about it. I've been thinking about going to collection full time with my Walkers instead of only using the GHS system in the fall. I mow alot of high end residential lawns and am tired of filling everyones beds with grass. Once you do that you have to go back and blow the grass out of the beds.No matter how carefull you are with the blower, you end up blowing the mulch out of the beds and screwin up the landscape that the customer just paid you big bucks to clean up and mulch. I'm also tired of double and triple cutting lawns. If I collect with the Walker the lawn looks great after the first cut and there is no grass all over the sidewalks,driveways,and in the landscape. I just need to find a good setup as far as a truck that can hold alot of grass clippings and be able to dump without disconnecting my trailer.
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