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Well I dont spread at 24 ft, yes When cranked up it throws amazingly far. Had to try it once on my yard,it throws the fert out so fast it was bouncing off everything and came flying back at me.

So anyway I have mine set at 14 ft spread distance. The sprayer is from Perma-green. Its just there 12 volt spray kit that is usually used for walk behind spreaders. It sprays 7' wide so when I spread back to my tire tracks I get the coverage. (I spread at half rate since I am overlapping but that way I get no stripes).

As far as the deflector no I dont have it (actually I was not aware Jrco had a deflector). Jrco does however have the plastic screen behind the spreader to keep the product from hitting the operator)

as far as the speed, it seems all of my accounts with hills I can run them sideways so it is not a problem, but I suppose if I had a large hill to do it may slow down some with the stops in place.

I have a pic of it somewhere but cant seem to find it.

hope this helps feel free to ask away, you can e-mail me also, I am always happy to help.
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