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OK to use Roundup in beds or anywhere as long as you are CAREFUL and realize it will kill anything you spray with it. And be aware of DRIFT. To see what a sprayer does, have someone else spray water out of a spray tank while you observe from 25-30 feet away. When you see the mist rising from the tip, you will be REAL careful spraying Roundup.<br>Snapshot is a Dow Chem granular product for over the top application in beds: won't hurt established plants (READ THE LABEL: has been some damage noticed, most common is burning bush). It is a combo of trifluralin (a grassy preemergent) and isoxaben (Gallery). Sold in 50# bags. Label lists about 80-90 grassy & broadleaf weeds controlled. Mode is preemergent- it kills only germinating weeds.<br>A better choice for someone starting out would be the Lebanon clone &quot;Professional Preen&quot;. It is the same as Snapshot, but only 75% the strength, and comes in 20# bags. Note that &quot;Preen&quot; is the Lebanon name on the consumer product, I believe the A.I. is just trifluralin, so control is very limited compared to Professional Preen. Probably will have to find a chemical distributor to get the &quot;Professional&quot; product. <p>----------<br>Jim<br>South Bend, IN<p>
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