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You have to do two things for sure to use liquid pesticides properly:

1- Read the label, SLOWLY. Just because you see 1 oz, or 1.5 oz, or 20 oz, what does the rest of the sentence or phrase say? Is the statement x.x oz per gallon or x.x oz per 1000 ft². Most all labels will give the rate per acre and/or per 1000 ft², and some labels will give a rate per gallon for spot treatment. If it is a per gallon rate only, for spot treatment, then mix as stated for spot treatments.

2- On the other hand, if it is a rate per 1000 ft², you have to calibrate yourself on the sprayer you will use. I may get 500 ft² per gallon, you might get 650 ft², and someone else may get 900 ft² on the same sprayer. The pesticide for each of us may thus be mixed at different rates per GALLON in order to achieve the stated rate per 1000 ft².
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