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If you are replacing the engine with an identical engine, it should be fairly easy. Not that different engines are hard, but sometime slight modifacations have to made. One then to check the new engine is mounted is proper belt alignment. This is easily checked with the belts install by looking at the belt from pulley to pulley. They should be staight runs. If there is an angle, then pulleies will need to be repositioned. If not, belts will not last as long and you will loose some horsepower and erode the pulleies. Another way to check true alignment if there is room is to use a straight edge and lay flat across the top of one of the pulleies, the straight edge should parallel the belt. If the straight edge is long enough to lay across both pulleies and the pulleies have the same thickness, then the straight edge should lay flush across both pulleies. It doesn't have to be exact, however the truer they are the better.
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