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That would be because I have...

a rather severe physiological block to giving out free marketing data to companies. Now I realize that this isn't the case here, but remember I have a severe case. Say for instance, I am making a purchase with a credit card and they ask me my zip code and, maybe, if it is for personal or business use. Well I like to tell them, buy that info from that credit card company, because I am not telling you for free. Actually I was born in late 63 and that should make me about 38 years old, I could be wrong though, as I also hate to do the math on that kind of thing.
Now I am curious, where you developed such a good eye for details?

Thanks for replying to my post; even if was a little bit off topic. I.E. It is good to see you guys/ or maybe gals are out there.

Jason W
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