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I do the same thing. I do everything backwards compared to what all the "big trucks" are putting down. (worthless junk) While they are dumping the nitrogen coated urea so all the customers are loking at their green grass going "Wow! It sure is growing! We must really be getting our money's worth!"
What I do, is lay off the nitrogen in the spring, and concentrate on the phos. and potassium. (0-18-18) Carefully! THIS is what will benefit the lawn more than anything. The grass is already going to grow to beat the band in the spring anyway! However, Spring is ALSO the time when the grass plants are establishing their root growth, and that's what I'm after- a full thick turf with a dense root system. I don't need 8 inches of growth a week during the Spring! I later do what I call the golfball test, and show my customers. I will take a golfball out on my established lawns, and on a lawn mowed at 3", I can drop a golfball straight down, and it will sit right on top of the grass. Let's see one of Schumlawn's lawns do that! No - WAY! Anyway, along with laying the iron to it with the post m, this works very well. Am I still cutting alot of grass? Oh, you bet! Because of the thickness, I'm cutting ALOT more blades of grass per sq. ft.

Thank you, Dad - for always being the dad that you were. You truly are my hero. You always were.
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