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JD F935 coupler replacement

A guy was demonstrating my f935 front mower as he wants to buy it, cutting along fine when it just stopped. The rubber coupler between the engine shaft and hydro drive had disintegrated. I used this mower for two full seasons with no problems. [I went to 60" Exmark Lazer for better quality cut]. I was right there when it happened and although he was mowing tall grass and cutting it pretty short, it didn't seem to me that anything unusual happened or that he did anything wrong--the thing just stopped.

I picked up a replacement coupler from dealer [$80! and no aftermarket available] and it appears easy to replace but I'd like to know why it went bad. The machine had not been run since a year ago October, stored in dry shop. He engaged pto at 1/2 throttle, revved to full throttle and was cutting along fine when it broke. It did seem that one of the six bolts through the coupler was a bit loose so I'll be sure that they're all tight when I replace it.

Does anyone have any tips or hints to make sure it's set up right before I turn it on again? How about on aligning the two shafts. Any ideas? The guy really wants this mower and I really want to sell it to him, but we both want to make sure it's right before we proceed. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Will M>
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