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Sprinkler Irrigation Quote needed

Hello Irrigation people,
I had my last post disgarded, Ill rephrase this question diffrently.
I messed the other one up
I have to sub an Irrigation job out that will consist of possibly 40 heads in 6-7 zones I figure..
I just scaled things out and went by the average head being 17 feet apart covering an average 35feet, 5 heads per/zone..
I need a rough figure to use in this bid I need to fax 6/5/01 at 3pm
I have everything else priced out, consist of 325 varios plants, 18 trees, 5600sqft sod, top soil, mulch, 500lf aluminum edging..
Id apriciate any rough estimate one can shed light on for me
possibly maybe even what a ball park figure is per/head..
Pipe: Poly vinyl PVC scedual 40 pressure rated upstream from controls to downstream laterals, minimum pipe size one inch

Fittings: Type, size and style to match pipe

Ball Valves: Brass construction, non rising stem, inside screw with threaded ends

Valve Box and Cover: Aluminum or plastic sized for application intended with lockable covers

Y-Strainer with 200 mesh screen: Attach downstream from valve on all lines with drop emitters .

Backflow Preventer: Commercial, meeting all requirements of local authority having jurisdiction

Controller: Rainbird model ESP-8Si

Wire: Color coded 14 gauge or larger, single conductor solid copper with min 1/16 inch insulative covering of ICC-100 compound, UL approved for direct burial.

Sprinkler heads: Pop up type, sized to adequatly cover the area required

Flex tubing: 3/4 inch PVC with 1/4 inch PVC tubing runouts to emitters

Emitter: 4 gallon per hr for trees and 1 gallon per hr for shrubs

thanks a bunch ,, ill be checking the baord or you can email me
rough estimate is appreciated so i can send this off
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