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tried it, really liked it, got some more, but

Received the sample lasted a day! It worked as all that I had read of it...foamed and latched into rust...lubed and left pruners gook free after use...left F.F. treated new steel tools out in dampness for a few days - no corrosion...and so on...

Fluid Film is not that easy to buy around here but, we were able to acquire a 12 oz. can with a screw on spray cap...This is very different from the aerosol can sample ...this is very dark in color and thick, and does not spray kind of reminds us of soap dispensers...we splotched some onto clothes and applied the Fluid Film...not ideal...we were considering purchasing by the gallon, but now do not know what to do...

Any advice?

This is good stuff...thanks

20 years of toolin' in my sandbox must count for sumptin'
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