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I've read your posts with great interest and think you bring a strong, professional viewpoint to this site which I appreciate. I'd be interested to know what turf equipment SD uses and has used in the past and what your opinion is on it, so far as you feel comfortable sharing with us. I'm quite happy with my newest mower, an Exmark LazerZ 60" which I moved to from a 72" JD935.

I bought the JD from the City of Tacoma and got good service out of it but wanted a smoother, more finished cut which I've gotten from the Exmark. I'm assuming that your shop didn't work on the 935 as I asked a question here earlier on it, but just in case you missed it I had a coupler break as a prospective buyer was demoing it. If you've got any insight or information to offer me [and him] on this mower I'd appreciate it. I thought it was interesting that Tacoma [WA] parks had just replaced the Yanmar diesel with a rebuilt and I got it with less than 300 hours on it. Apparently their records indicated it was time to surplus the machine, new engine or not, to my benefit. What's your opinion on obtaining equipment this way?

Again, it's great to have you here and welcome to LawnSite from someone who needs all the help he can get. Will M>
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