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Originally Posted by palmersfirewood
I am 16 years old and currently am doing brush removal and various landsaping. I am wondering how much to charge for a dump truck load of mulch. My 1 ton dump is a 9 ft by 8 ft with 24 inch sides. I don't want to over charge. Thanks
Price of mulch x mark up (say 20%)
hours per yard x labor rate (say $45 -$60 per hour)

your price on mulch $20 per yard equals $24 per yard to client
.5 man hours per yard installed equals $22.50 - 30 per yard
add on delivery fee.
My mulch yard charges $35 for local and an extra $5 per 5 miles beyond their idea of local
Add in additional charges for degree of difficulty. having to wheelbarrow it up a steep hill

in the example you would charge $46.50 - $54 per yard (installed) plus delivery fee and difficulty surcharge if needed.

Don't bother with just doing deliveries. NO profit in that.
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