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Originally Posted by macomb-lawn
Uhm.. not without getting stuck you can't. We've been using this trailer to bring in topsoil and take out junk in Washington Twp. We drive it thru a city easement and back the trailer up right to a fence, then load over the fence with the bobcat. A dump won't fit thru unless you tear up everything because the truck stays on concrete, and the trailer is on wet clay. This way we don't get stuck. If we had to wait for it to dry out, it would take us months to get done. My truck barely stays on the concrete of the easement. It's a weird place.

We can use it in the winter. We use it to haul salt to shopping malls to load Vboxes where a dump isn't needed or we just fill the trailer and leave it there full with salt. If we can keep 4 or 5 tons on site and covered, it's a good thing. I've been looking for used cheap roll off dumpsters to store salt in but I can't find any in decent shape.
We use old shipping containers. We bought 8 of them for $4,000. We not only store salt in them, we also keep the loaders and bobcats in them. They are air and water tight. They are secure and can be used during the summer to store equipment on large projects. Just an additional idea. lol
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