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Yes we are

(I appreciate you trying (didn't say it was useless) I'm assuming you may not have insurance because you seem to not know the standard rates.)

Yes we are insured for general liability, vehicle, and inland marine.

You can go to your insurance agent and ask, “hay can I get add. for 1 mil” agent says “sure $100.00 bucks and you can say you are covered for one million” doesn’t mean squat except that you can say it and the commercial properties you are going after like to see it on a little slip of paper.

If your insurance company ever (GOD forbid) had to cover for a million you would be out of business anyway, that mill is just for the paper work.

High exposure = commercial properties, government, fast food, malls, chemicals

Considered low exposure= residential, non-public properties no chemicals

Standard rates= what is standard for one company is not for another (different size, employees, chemicals, exposure) insurance is not like McDonalds.

As for the price you are paying $850.00 per year for additional insured that seems high but then again you are high exposure.
(or maybe the insurance agent is making payments on a boat with your money)

Assuming = Makes an ass out of you and me.

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