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Mike - I drove by your crew on Thursday at the corner of Notre Dame and Mack (they were doing the commerical building on Mack). Anyway, the guys were out front with the truck and trailer in the back - gate down, with the equipment just waiting to be taken. I'm sure they were only out front for a minute or two but that stuff goes so quick.
In 26 years of doing this, my own crew had only lost two blowers (my other crews have lost countless blowers and trimmers, etc....). When our truck, trailer and all the equipment was stolen in June, the guy watching the truck was stick edging and had turned his back for less than 10 seconds to edge a driveway ribbon strip (myself and another guy were cutting the back). That's how long it too for them to hop in the truck, pop the ignition and drive away. You don't realize how quick this stuff goes. It's a matter of seconds not minutes. They stalk you and watch you and jump in after they see your pattern and when the opportuniy arises. I guarantee that someone could have had the trimmers or stick edger that were in your trailer by the time your guys could have been back around the corner (unless they were locked).
I not baggin' on you at all. So, please don't take it that way. I would hope that if one of you guys saw one of my trucks that was unattended like that you would also let me know. We're all in this together and I just hate to see people loose stuff to theives. We gotta have eachother's back. The cops in GPW stopped me the other day just to tell me to be extra careful with equipment because they have had so much stuff stolen from crews this year.... and that's the Woods, which is not bordered by Detroit at all except for one block behind St John. The Park and City are easier targets - just a stone's through away from Detroit. So, if they'll hit the Woods like that. you know things are very bad and desperate.
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