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Doesn't sound as if any of you guys have actually sufferen any physcial injuries as a result of these accidents. <p>Back when I first started, I was using a 4'x10' trailer behind a Ranger. I was hitching up one day, and was in a hurry. I was standing on the left side of the tounge, pulling the trailer rail with my right hand. My left hand was on the very front of the coupler. Once I got the trailer moving, it had too much momentum for me to stop quickly, and it crashed into the rear of the pickup. The main problem was that my hand was still on the very front of the coupler, and now smashed inbetween the trailer coupler and truck bumper. <p>A fast trip to the emergency room confirmed my worst fear, 2 broken bones in my left hand. I was in a cast for 6 weeks. That didn't stop me from mowing though. I was able to use a self propelled LawnBoy mower. There is no way that I could have operated a pistol grip walk behind mower. <p>I certinly learned my lesson, and now always look in the line of fire. <p>Lesson learned, dents in trucks are much less painful than broken hands. Next time, the truck will take the hit.
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