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Building medium to large pond?? suggestions?

I moved my original posting here... and added new info...

We are thinking of building a koi pond in the back of our home (Iowa). We have a natural grade and low area that we would like to place one.

Any recommendations..websites with info?

We plan on building it ourselves.

Pics of the back yard.
in the pic above, we are thinking of placing pond between the weeping willow and deck/basement area... the tree in pic is much larger now, its been 2 years since we planted it. We think it will look great with the pond.
this pic shows what it looks like when we have major rain...and the run-off. Our property line is about 20 feet behind the willow. Where you see the water runoff (brown area behind willow). Most of the water runnoff goes to the back where you see it behind the willow tree. The part in the yard is when we have extreme rain which is about once a year at most and that is just excess rain that the ground wouldn't absorb fast enough. None of the neighbors water run off from their yards will drain into the area where we want the pond. Just what comes from our drains from house/yard, and even then most of it goes the the area behind the tree.
this pic shows what that area looks like from deck.

So, any suggestions?

We live on the edge of a small town with farmland on 3 sides.

any info would be helpful. thx

Here is my updated info:
I've added pics of area etc. -

I really want to find out pricing for everything before we get close to next spring. so I know how much to spend. I've got tons of pond catalogs, so I can look up pricing for products, but what about rocks etc? cost of dirt moving? who do I call and what machinery do I need to ask about? cost of moving large rocks? things like that. I have my father and brother that are going to help me build it. They have experience with building their own ponds also.

I'm reading all I can about ponds to get me ready. But, it really helps getting info from those who own and build them.
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