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At this point I'm just looking for info online, I do better through posts, e-mail in explaining and showing what we want/need. I have a hard time visualizing what size would look good in backyard, plus make sure the cost doesn't get to crazy. I'm saving for this pond myself. I plan on putting a couple large garden hoses out in that area and try to get an idea of what size we want and where.

Thinking no smaller then 12x18. I don't want to go too wide. Kidney shaped with a narrower area in middle where I want a simple flat bridge that is right above water (to provide shade). But, not sure about anything larger then 20x30 and that seems a little too large? Want it to look nice in the yard, but not be too big to do maintainance etc.

As for depth I'm thinking 4'. We are in NE Iowa and will be wintering the fish outside in the pond. I'd prefer not to go too deep, for safety and I want to be able to see the fish. We do live miles from natural marsh areas, so may get herons and such, I'm hoping they tend to migrate to the larger marsh areas. We get wild geese in backyard and adjoining farmland at times also. My dad says to put in a shelf, but I've been reading that one shouldn't. But, will they really feed from a 12" shelf? I also want to have one edge be shallower where once can see a rock bottom area. I also am not sure I want straight sides...

Anyone know of pictures of a similiar sized ponds, and surrounding area? Kinda open no trees and some sloping land?

Sharon & Steve
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