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I have the same story. Lost out on my first commercial property bid last week by $920.00.<br>However, the guy told me that my proposal was the nicest he'd ever seen. I replied, &quot;well that is a reflection on how I do things. I take alot of pride in my work and try to do the best job possible and I AM in the business to make a profit&quot;. He wanted me to have the job but wanted me to do it for the next highest bid. ($920.00 less than mine) I told him I'd run the #'s and see what I could do but it wouldn't be much less than what I had bid. I came off $400.00 and still lost out. He said that wasn't enough and he was going to have to go with the other bid. My reply,&quot;That's fine, and there are no hard feelings. If I can't do a job and feel good about it when I walk away then I don't want the job or my name associated with it. Here's my card and feel free to call me at anytime if you ever need anything and keep me in mind the next time it's up for bid&quot;. He thanked me for my time and said he would.<br>I rode by the property yesterday and after two cuts it looks like hell. I just grinned to myself and thought oh well, I bet I get a call next yr.<br>Maybe, maybe not. The bottom line is THE BOTTOM LINE...YOURS! Look after it.
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