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Has anyone ever considered the customers perspective of lawn mowing? Did you ever cut the grass before you got into this business? (Lazer doesn't count, he was on mower, 3 days old!) What is the typical homeowner doing when he mows?<p>He's out there to relax, to just do something empty-headed and not think. Be honest - if you're not in the business, that's what lawn mowing is. So if someone is calling for your services to cut his grass, guess what he expects to deal with. You have to have some angle, some twist, or some special introduction to shatter his idea of hiring you as an empty-headed mower jockey. It's not exactly what people are spending their money for, but their perception of what they are spending it for.<p>I once had a client who constantly told me I didn't charge enough. After not raising his price for 5-6 yrs, I raised it almost 50%. After he grumbled about a &quot;50% increase!!&quot;, he said I still didn't charge enough. You will go a lot further if you are selling special grass cutting, instead of just selling grass cutting. <p>----------<br>Jim<br>North central Indiana<br>
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