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We are a nessescity to a large part of the population now. Society has changed. The larger portion of the US population is over 60. A large portion of the population has 2 incomes. No time to take care of the yard. Too tired to take care of the yard. Too old to do it. With this great demand they need us very bad. To be dependable and keep up with this demand we need quality commercial equipment. And too we need to make a decent income to support ourselves and/or our families. And keep this high dollar equipment serviced and running. Its the public we have to educate. And slowly and surely they are. I don't know about some of you but I am trying to run my service like a business. I am trying to make a good living. Too you have to run it like the seasonal business it is. Do not be embarrassed to tell a customer what you charge. I use to be in Real Estate as a owner/salesman. No brain surgery there either On a $80,000 home I made 2800$$$ sometimes just for showing a few houses and maybe spending 10 hrs getting it to closing. Some sales job pay alot more than we make per hour for alot less labor and equipment.
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