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Grass clippings blowing into eyes

I've had mine about a month.....I got the med. size catcher for a grasshopper midmount. When I attach it to the deck I get a ton of small clippings blowing out of the top of the catcher and cover my right side of my arm and leg, plus all over my face. This happens when it is just over 25% full and continues until I can not take it anymore. I've used baggers before and know you get alot of stuff in the air but I don't think I should get clippings blowing into my eyes as I am mowing. Yes I have eye protection on. I'm almost to the point that I'm going to make a template out of cardboard to semi cover the top to try and correct this. It drives me crazy when I'm bagging and all this grass is flying into my face. I made sure when I mounted it I got it as flush as I could. Anyone else have this problem or suggestions?
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