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lawrence, the reason i wouldnt be using it on all the time is for a couple of reasons. the first is because alot of my gated abckyard are very small an i whn i turn with a belt driven i do a half turn then pull back and staiten out the mower to complete the turn (a 180 degree turn will tear up grass) i dont think this kinda turn can be done with a velke be cause you need to use your own strenth to pull back the mower to complete each turn. if i had a hydro it would be a diffrent story. the 2nd reason is because alot of the gated back yards i do are way to hilly an would be very hard to stay on the hill because i couldnt use the strenth in my legs to keep the mower up. since mostly wear i use my 36 is small i dont mind walking them i just wanna get to them fast! i have on neighborhood where i do 25 lawns and about 8 have small gates.<p>
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