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Trimmer string keeps breaking off in head!!!

I bought me a new Husqavarna weedeater and the string keepes breaking off in the head when I edge with it! I switched from 105 to 95 line thinking it might be getting twisted or the 105 might be old and brittle. I tried winding it fast, slow, with my finger dividing the line. It trims fine, but when I turn it upside down the string breaks off inside the head. And today, it seemed like one line would break off in the head and then the other line would shortly. I'm going through a spool real quick and having to stop every fifteen feet to reline is about to push me to the limit. I felt like chunking the thing today. Do I need a new head or what? (fixed line, single, auto feed) If this keeps up I'm going to buy me a stick edger sooner than I planned.
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