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I sharpened blades on my ZTR this evening. I took a few images to help explain. The day was waning and darkness was falling, so the images aren't very good. However, I think they explain the use of the Hi-Lift jack.

The jack has a small lip on the end of the lifting lug, and I put the lip behind the front frame. The rear wheels are blocked, so the machine will not roll right or left.

I use a simple ratchet and socket to take out the blade bolt, glove on one hand to hold the blade. The deck does not need to be very high; no need to have room underneath for an impact gun. Unscrewing/screwing the bolts is trivial -- two blades on one side, one on the other. I'm sure the scheme is much quicker than driving one wheel on the trailer ramp. And, the ratchet saves batteries, cords, and hoses. The tarp underneath is to catch debris. I scrape down the deck when the blades are off. The scraping is the longest task.

The green carpet is for a cushion when laying down to do the work. Sorry, I guess I'm too soft for this work!
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