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montoya has a point, you got a 1000 cards at a decent price, leave those things everywhere , I also go into gas stations and leave a few at the counter and also on the stacks of 12-packs and cases of cokes they have towards the back, good place and a TON of people go there everday to get the cokes for their homes or whatever, they may have to move your cards cause they dont want to dump them on the floor and look like a jerk, and once it is in their hand its a good possibility they will put one in their pocket.....but get rid of those, they look very unprofessional. (no offense)

everyone on here has given the advice, and Xoopiter uses the same tactic as me with cards, I like a nice background pic with my info in the front, catches the eye in a pleasing way and doesnt look cheezy....
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