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It looks a lot like who asked here the other day. I keep wondering why so many of the sites you see here have the big borders around a itty-bitty site or off to one side?
You even say (which is a waste of "headline" space that should be removed, people won't change their settings for your site) "Site best viewed with screen resolution at 1024 by 768 pixels" but it would best be viewed at 800 X 600 or on a 15" monitor because then it wouldn't be a 1/3 screen site.
The pages are WAY too ling, people HATE scrolling and yours take a lot. Made the site "full screen" and the pages would only require 1/3 as much down scrolling right off the bat.
Also I checked the site code on a validation checker and got this response on your home page
" In fact, this web page generated so many errors that Validator terminated the check before it went through the whole document. These problems could damage this web page's search engine rankings as well as cause viewing problems for visitors. It is highly recommended that any problems be corrected"
and that was at 28+ errors. There is no sense in me describing the errors, you have a site designer, at $15 a month (HIGH) they should know better (like you cannot use quote marks " in meta tags...LOTS of those in there, and many don't even make sense. Those will stop a search robot dead in it's tracks because it looks like a command it can't follow.)

Can the photo of the guy on the phone. That's not you...and it's obviously a "stock" image...those do no good. Want a photo? Use one of you.
PayPal logos etc. are way too big using up valuable real estate.
The home page is WAY too long, I'd suggest also canning the "mission" page (nobody cares about those at all) and moving your long services list to that or another page. The text on the "mission" page is fine. Just incorporate it into other places on the site so somebody will see it.

Wherever you put the testimonials they don't need to be huge and they need either a full name or address to be real (most people will let you use their full name, rather not have their street address on the web) but Joe M. in New York is not a believable reference. (Or if they won't let you use their name do a "thumbnail) photo of their propery...anything that gives it something to make it "real" .

What's up with the "poll" that is both a waste of space and serves no purpose. Remember, people are their to find out why they should use you instead of XYZ Lawncare not answer a poll that has nothing to do with your services.

IMHO you way over-use bold and that little "frilly" text in some places, usually with the "scrolled" curvy image just doesn't go with landscaping... more like for a site for a candle store. In general you want the "look & feel" of your site to stay consistent throughout. Yours uses a variety of fonts & sizes, and when everything is bold it isn't bold anymore.

Uh-Oh...I can't go on because the host you are on just crashed or else your site just went down for some reason (10:30 am CST) not good...the week-end should be a time when people are searching for your type business. I was about to figure out some suggestions for your FAQ, I know it's too long, too bold, and too big as far as text but I can't go back to look anymore, was down almost exactly 15 minutes (14 and some seconds)...just tried again again, you are paying a premium price, that shouldn't be happening.

Oh, another thing...I noticed this but don't know why. EVERY page change caused a brief flash to a black screen then the page opens, it's only a flash, like half a second. But it shouldn't be there and may cause you problems if it is some bug in a script or something that is causing that. (It happened in every browser I tried)

Maybe more another time... I've got Sat. honey-do's" and the 15 minutes down took too long..

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