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This is where monthly contracts come in handy. I have nearly zero resistance to monthly pricing, either. They just ask how often I mow and I let them know I will be there weekly unless the grass hasn't grown at all. <p>Last year, coincidentally, I missed maybe 3 mowings and some guys here didn't mow for a month sometimes. I do admit there was a cut or two where I really questioned whether I should be mowing. Now I will be guided by when the lawn needs mowing.<p>This might not work for you, but it has allowed me to sleep at night. Also, it is nice to know my customers were serious enough to contract with me. I have been told our professionalism has sold us over the competition. Don't be afraid to ask for what you want. Do your kids deserve to eat during a drought??? If you feel guilty, reduce the monthly price by 25%. <p>John<p>
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